aXes 3.1.1 has been released

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aXes 3.1.1 has been released

Post by jeanmichel » 24 May 2017, 16:15

The following new features were released with the version of aXes.

Application wide jQuery Themes.
jQuery themes enable users and developers to create a theme for their application. A theme is a combination of styles applied to different elements making the look and feel of the application consistent.
We have redesigned the way aXes looks on the client level to enable application wide jQuery themes. There is now an option to activate jQuery themes on the application for your existing projects. This option is automatically turned on for new projects.
When the jQuery option is activated, the application will use jQuery extensions where possible, without any changes necessary. If another jQuery theme is required for a particular screen, it is possible to apply the jQuery themes extensions which will take precedence over the selected application wide jQuery theme. In any case, individual CSS items take the highest priority and can be applied on any themes.

By default, there won’t be any change to existing applications, and if not activated for jQuery, existing projects will continue to use the basic extensions.
You can also dynamically change the jQuery theme by calling the SETAXESJQUERYTHEME() api.
The following extensions can adopt a jQuery theme:
• Checkbox
• Date
• Default Visualization
• Dropdown
• Group Box
• HyperLink
• Label
• Message Handler
• Mobile Camera
• Mobile Email
• Mobile SMS
• Multitype Input Box
• Push Button
• Quick Pick Menu
• Radio Button
• Screen Data Viewer
• Simple Box
• Simple Line
• Simple Stripe
• Spin Edit
• Subfile Scroller
• jQuery Keypad

Single Sign On (SSO)
Single Sign On (SSO) is a user authentication process which permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. SSO has now been implemented in aXes to work with Kerberos authentication servers KDC and the Enterprise Entity Manager (EIM) of IBMi.
The Spool File Manager and Data Explorer have also been updated to make the SSO authentication process available to users. Users who want to use the SSO feature in aXes must have EIM already setup and working on their IBMi system.

ConnectorJS is a JavaScript library containing APIs developers can call to use resources provided by IBM i servers from JavaScript in a browser. The JavaScript APIs interface with ConnectorJS Server installed on a server. Resources include programs, commands, files, folders, email, program data queues, messaging software using the Java Message Service (JMS) API, and WebSocket connections. ConnectorJS and ConnectorJS Server are included in aXes.

The mobile Camera eXtension integrates with the camera of the mobile device allowing the developer to set a wide range of features such as:
• Take Photos,
• Take Videos,
• Enable annotation,
• Allow editing of the picture,
• Save the picture to the Photo Gallery,
• Save the image on the server.

The mobile SMS extension integrates with the phone capability of the mobile device. On an Apple tablet it can send iMessages. It is unavailable on other tablets.
The features available are:
• Set the message text to be included in the message
• Define the recipient of the message.
Both of these features can be programmatically set.

The mobile Send Email extension allows the user to send emails through the email application installed on their mobile device. The following properties can be set:
• The Recipient, CC, BCC
• The subject and text of the Email.

This extension provides the user with the ability to add auto- complete functionality to an input field or an edit box. This is a non-visual extension and needs to be used in conjunction with a visual extension.
The auto-complete extension works with the following data types:
• Fixed values
• XML file
• Static table
• Dynamic tables
Additional features include:
• The ability to delay (in seconds) the display of the suggestions list,
• The minimum number of characters required to show the suggestions list.

Scrollable Subfile Table
This extension allows multiple pages of subfile data to be displayed in a dynamic grid where the user can scroll up and down. Originally, only one page of subfile records could be viewed on the screen and this limits the user’s viewing of subfile records per page, without having a complete view of the whole subfile.
When the Page Up and Page Down key is pressed, the subfile data is aggregated in the grid allowing the user to view all the contents at once.
The user can decide how many pages are initially loaded in the grid or if the data should be loaded from the first page of the subfile.

This extension enables the inclusion of tabs in any screen. Tabs can be useful to categorise and separate information, increase the screen real estate and therefore include more information and controls. This can also help with designing modern screens since this extension uses jQuery.
Some of the features include:
• Addition, removal of tab sheets,
• Sorting and reorganisation of tabs,
• Orientation of the tabs (vertical or horizontal).
Extensions can be added to each individual tabs by drag and drop on to the tab area.

Developer Tools Enhancements
TS2 development tool modernization
The TS2 development tool released with the previous version, generated mixed feedback from our customers. We have therefore concentrated our efforts on bringing the following improvements and efficiencies.
• A new toolbar has been added at the top of the design screen in order to provide rapid access to common features,
• A new “eXtensions Toolbox” has been implemented on the eXtensions panel. The toolbox will enable developers to drag and drop extensions directly onto the design area. Each extensions in the toolbox has a help button to provide fast access to documentation,
• Drag-and-select has been implemented to help with selecting multiple elements on the design screen,
• Subfile customisation has been enhanced to include customisation of styling features applied automatically to the whole column,
• The removal of the default customization when adding a visual extension,
• Stick to grid when moving controls (10px by 10px),
• The removal of extensions using the delete key.

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