aXes 3.1.0 and aXes Mobile have been released

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aXes 3.1.0 and aXes Mobile have been released

Post by jeanmichel » 24 May 2017, 15:00

RPG can now directly access mobile device functionality using the aXes Mobile App

Making all smartphone and tablet functions, such as camera, video, voice and barcoding, available to your existing 5250 applications will take your IBM i Modernization efforts to the next level.

LANSA announces aXes Mobile, an extension to the aXes 5250 Web Enablement and Modernization family that allows 5250-applications running on IBM i (AS/400) servers to be instantly displayed via Web browsers, with the option of extending and modernizing them. (

aXes Mobile provides modernization and mobilization capabilities for enhancing the display of IBM i 5250 screens on mobile devices powered by Apple iOS or Google Android.
The aXes Mobile App is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

After the configuration step to integrate the App with the appropriate IBM i server, starting the App initiates an aXes Terminal Session running the designated 5250-based application. User interaction with the application occurs via the mobile device with access to all available device-side capabilities (e.g. voice, video, barcoding, etc.).

All the functions and features of aXes that are available for refacing and modernising 5250-based applications via the browser at the desktop are available with aXes Mobile.

The aXes Mobile applications can be developed and maintained by existing IT staff with IBM i skills.

aXes Mobile adds the following capability to aXes:
  • Images, videos, voice and annotation capture and post to the server for processing. Traditional text can be replaced. Examples include Issue or Damage reporting, Asset management, Site and Product inspections. Users can annotate images to increase understanding.
  • Geo-location tracking for enhanced personal security or improved route scheduling.
  • Signature capture for ‘at-the-site’ proof of transaction.
  • Camera based Barcode scanning to speed up access to information.
  • Bluetooth connected device interaction for ‘at-the-site’ measurement of items.
  • Email, SMS, Phone and Voice integration with existing 5250 applications.
  • Copy to Clipboard and ‘Intelligently’ format and post data to the mobile device user’s clipboard. For example formatted product details on a 5250-screen can be posted as a response to a customer’s email inquiry.
  • Read and write data to the mobile device’s local file system. Daily work schedules for staff such as sales reps can be downloaded to the mobile device as a PDF for later offline access.
  • Upload local files to the IBM i’s IFS.
  • Download files from the IBM i’s IFS.
  • Enhanced Function Key and Enter Key handling. Remember that mobile devices do not have function keys like 5250 devices or PCs do.
  • Automated configuration from URLs received via QR code, SMS or email.
Jean-Michel Rapin, LANSA’s aXes Product Manager, comments “aXes is first to market again – this time with a native mobile App capability for our customers. Being able to incorporate all of the device-side functionality available with mobile devices (e.g. video, voice, camera, barcoding, etc.), our aXes customers will now be able to take the modernization of their existing 5250-applications to the next level of sophistication – without needing to master rocket science ”.

The standard features of aXes are delivered across your web browser of choice:
  • New Feature : The aXes Framework The aXes Framework (see Fig 2) is a HTML page that can host multiple aXes terminal sessions displayed as Tabs, allowing customers to design page layouts including multiple panels. The associated aXes Framework Wizard (see Fig 1) simplifies designing and building page layouts to help customers include aXes terminal session pages in multi-panelled Web pages.
  • Multiple 5250-sessions to the same IBM i server e.g. instantly swap and share data between Ordering, Customer Maintenance and Invoicing screens without navigating 5250 menus.
  • Multiple 5250-sessions to different IBM i servers e.g. instantly swap between CRM and ERP on different IBM i servers. Again, data can be shared between sessions.
  • Single sign on to multiple 5250 sessions.
  • Integration with other corporate web pages.
  • Running queries over your IBM i's DB2/400 database and presentation in Excel.
  • Viewing and printing IBM i spool files in PDF and other formats.
  • Wireless printing directly from device. A server-side program can print to a wireless printer directly or with a preview. For example, a 5250 RPG program can print an invoice or a receipt.
  • PDF integration. Produce, display, print and locally save PDF documents.
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