aXes - Generically Identify screens

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aXes - Generically Identify screens

Post by Eugene.King » 10 Sep 2019, 01:28

Can aXes use generic screen identifiers?
I have an application with two types of popups, select single entry and select multiple entries. They use screen identifiers of PIDSXX-S, for select single entry popups or PIDSXX-M for select multiple entry popups. The XX is an integer. I want to create a single screen design for each type and have them apply to all popups across the system. Has anyone had any experience of doing this in aXes? Any suggestions welcome.
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Re: aXes - Generically Identify screens

Post by Fairdinkum » 10 Sep 2019, 20:24


In my opinion, to achieve the goal, the screen definition should be set as follows:

Case 1. If the layouts of the pop-up screens are exactly the same for each type, give the same name (eg PIDS-S, PIDS-M) to all screens of each type.

Case 2. If the pop-up screens' layouts are slightly different for each type (such as field start position), (1) Give the same name (eg PIDS-S, PIDS-M) to all screens of each type, and (2) Specify a different value for Variant Name. (Example: 01, 02, ...)
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