Trace and Tracelevel

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Trace and Tracelevel

Post by jaimosky » 02 Feb 2018, 17:16


I have got a question about protocol and the different levels to be protocoled.
In the config file aXesW3.conf you can use these 2 options to do this:

# Uncomment the following directive to enable the Trace Log
# Note that if you do this the "LogPath" must be specified

# Specify required Log Level
# Tracelevel=Warn Error Info Debug

But when I open the log file, I can see that the server is protocoling all the levels.

Code: Select all

01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Handle send: add read fd                                  
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   =======================================                   
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Select 120000                                             
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Number ready 1                                            
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Get client data 0 of 1                                    
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Handle request                                            
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   State FR_RECV                                             
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Illegal fd or (exitstatus set or redirect) and no header  
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Notify W3 and end connection                              
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Handle close: delete fd                                   
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   =======================================                   
01/Feb/2018 21:51:05 (notice)   Select 3600000                                            
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (error)    SSLHandshake failure ret=-23 0 There is no error.         
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Number ready 1                                            
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Get client data 0 of 1                                    
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Handle pipe                                               
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Handle pipe: entry                                        
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Add write fd send                                         
01/Feb/2018 21:51:38 (notice)   Handle pipe: return 1                                     
Is this normal?

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Re: Trace and Tracelevel

Post by jeanmichel » 06 Feb 2018, 15:01

HI Jaime,

Thanks for spotting this, please raise this as an issue with LANSA support.

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