Problem seeing an icon after adding it to a function key button...

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Problem seeing an icon after adding it to a function key button...

Post by bark » 15 Jan 2018, 08:58

Thought I might share some information so the next person doesn't spend as much time trying to work it out as I did :-)
Working through the extensions tutorial 4 for function keys, I was following the instructions to add an icon to the cancel and delete function keys. Despite making sure I was following the steps exactly (about 4 times), I could not see the expected behaviour with an icon on the cancel and delete button.
Finally found out that the reason was that the option 'show function keys on panel' was enabled in the Auto-GUI tab sheet. Unchecking this option and saving allowed the icons on the function keys to be available. I've been told that the extensions tutorials will be fixed up to mention that this option must be unchecked.
See the attached image for the option in question.
functionkeys_autoguiplus.JPG (85.09 KiB) Viewed 12915 times

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