Choreographer how to change edited fields values

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Choreographer how to change edited fields values

Post by Dino » 13 Sep 2019, 00:41


When using the choreographer ( ... FwaGVyIl0= ) , you can record the fixed values you need to navigate to other screen, but lets say one of the "edited fields" is variable, like a purchase order, customer id, etc.

How can I set the value for that edited field before executing/playing the choreographer sequence?

For example, if I am in an screen with information of a customer, how can I execute the sequence to see the purchase orders for this customer, using the customer ID in the screen instead the test customer id i used?

Thank you

tim mcentee
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Re: Choreographer how to change edited fields values

Post by tim mcentee » 10 Dec 2019, 10:52

Hi Dino

It looks as though the Choreographer is a simple macro facility. There doesn't look to be be a way to include soft code values.

There are tools that can do this, but they will not be much help for what you want. Robot operates on the server and navigates through screens in a server batch job. And RAMP is the advanced choreographer that embeds aXes screens in the VLF.


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