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change dynamically property on extension quick menu

Posted: 25 Jul 2019, 01:57
by Dino

If I use the quick menu extension for example, in this wrkactjob screen, i can show different options for the subfile and allow to select one. but as the quick menu goes all the way to the bottom, and it doesnt allow to scroll the options, I would like to be able to change the "containerLocation" property, as needed... something like, if current row > 12 then containerLocation = "Above and Right" else "Below and Right".

I guess that could be possible in the script for that property... any idea how? how to read current row and set that property value?

Thank you
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Re: change dynamically property on extension quick menu

Posted: 10 Dec 2019, 12:22
by tim mcentee
Hi Dino

I've had a look and the only way to achieve it will be to write your own extension.

The menu is drawn each time that you mouseover over one of the fields. It is not static. Also the event that fires when you mouseover is buried deep and is not possible to trap.