Styling: checkboxes / input fields

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Joerg Hamacher
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Styling: checkboxes / input fields

Post by Joerg Hamacher » 19 Jun 2019, 21:18

how can I define default styles for checkboxes and input fields?
Every checkbox and every input field should automatically get an orange border and a light grey background.

Many thanks in advance,

tim mcentee
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Re: Styling: checkboxes / input fields

Post by tim mcentee » 10 Dec 2019, 13:39

Hi Joerg

The best way to apply this to all elements, (in every project), is to create a udc.css file and place it in the ../ts/ts2/css folder.

The contents are: (This is for material design)
div.mdc-text-field {
border: 1px solid orange;

.md-axes .mdc-text-field__input {
background-color: rgb(220,220,220);

.md-axes .mdc-checkbox__native-control:enabled:not(:checked):not(:indeterminate) ~ .mdc-checkbox__background {
border-color: orange;


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