How can I setup a global onLeave event ?

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How can I setup a global onLeave event ?

Post by patrickf » 16 Feb 2019, 04:40

I want to capture the function key that the user pressed on a screen in the onLeave using the ENV.key. I can set this up on a screen in the Screen Level onLeave event.
How can I setup an onLeave script that would apply to every screen. I have seen onApplicationStart to set events that are execute by the TS2 engine as part of pre-rendering an Axes screen, but what fires globally when I leave a screen ?
Axes is being used in a RAMP project, but these screens are not classified in RAMP, so the BUTTONSCRIPT wont trap the function key used on an unknown form.

tim mcentee
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Re: How can I setup a global onLeave event ?

Post by tim mcentee » 10 Dec 2019, 13:43

Hi Patrick

This was a feature that has been removed, by design or accident I don't know.

You used to be able to edit the application extensions, under one of the screen level extensions you could enter code for onArrive and onLeave. This code would appear in every screen.

There is no way to do this now.


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