aXes Mobile - How to configure the Mobile app

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aXes Mobile - How to configure the Mobile app

Post by jeanmichel » 01 Sep 2014, 10:35

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1) To start, please open the aXes Mobile App on your tablet or smartphone.
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The aXes Mobile Homepage will be displayed

2) Tap the + sign. The popup menu will be displayed.
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Choose Add aXes Terminal

3) Fill in the details of your server.

Title: This is the title of the terminal server session
Host: This is the server on which aXes is installed. Please use the FQN.
Port: This is the port which aXes is listening to on the server
SSL: Choose this option to enable SSL
aXes Definition Set: Fill in the name of your project as it appears in the aXes Projects Homepage.
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4) Tap on the credentials, The new credential screen will be displayed.
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Fill in the details and tap Done twice.

5) You can see the settings reflect the user you have setup in the previous step.
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Tap Done

6) Tap the name in the menu you have just created to start your app.
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It will display as below.
screenshotipad8.jpg (195.19 KiB) Viewed 645 times

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