Using Datatables with Dynamic Table

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Using Datatables with Dynamic Table

Post by Dino » 02 Jun 2022, 00:55


In aXes you have an extension called datatables, that allows you to show additional information in the screen plus extra things like download it as excel, csv, pds, print the table, copy to clipboard, have search option, etc. That extension need to be contained in another extension, for example the tabs extension.

You can use this extension with data from the screen, static tables, dynamic table, etc. For example, I want to get data from a file in the IBM to show that information here, the first step will be to define the dynamic table in axes.

I am using the file AXESDEMO/ITEMMAST, you can add the column headings you want here as well as conditions etc:
axesdatatable_01.png (51.77 KiB) Viewed 14516 times
once you have done that and you restart your axes project so it takes the dynamic table definition, you can go to edit an screen, add a tab extension, then add a datatable in this case to the tab extension:
axesdatatable_02.png (154.36 KiB) Viewed 14516 times
once done that you need to fill some properties for the datatable, the minimum will be dataSourceType in Dynamic Table, and off course, the tableName in this case ItemMaster (which is the name we gave to our dynamic table definition). You can use the toggle buttons to select other options for the datatable:
axesdatatable_04.png (157.56 KiB) Viewed 14516 times
save and you are done:
axesdatatable_03.png (138.02 KiB) Viewed 14516 times
be sure to refresh your axes project after adding dynamic tables.

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