OCR implementation by Google Cloud Vision API

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OCR implementation by Google Cloud Vision API

Post by Fairdinkum » 08 Apr 2021, 18:18


I would like to share the idea implementing OCR feature into aXes customized screens.
As you can see from the video below, HTTP request is sent from aXes screen to the api, and retrive the result into a field.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A4CLWf ... sp=sharing

- No need uploading the image file. The image data is transmitted with base64 encoding. So it's much easier than other similar services.
- High accuracy and quick response time.

- Have to prepare an available billing account.
e.g. Text detection is free for first 1,000 units every month. Even if you are planning to use the api within the free amount of units, the billing account is required.

Attached contains a test project. You have to generate an api key on Google Cloud console page and then set it as follows.
Image 582.png
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