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aXes 4.2.0 - How to create multiple instances with axes services webserver?

Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 14:14
by jeanmichel
This quick guide is to highlight how to create another instance for aXes 4.2.0 using the new aXes services web server.

Let's assume you have installed axes in /AXES and axes services is /AXESJSM

1) Navigate to your instance located at /AXESJSM/jsm/instance/www/instance. This folder contains htdocs and logs

2) Make a copy of htdocs and call it httest. You can use your Microsoft Windows Explorer to do that.

3) Once it is done, open the file: /AXESJSM/jsm/instance/system/httpd.xml

4) Copy the section that starts with
<instance name="WebServer" active="true" root="www/instance/htdocs" index="index.html">
and finishes with

5) Paste the section you have just copied in the same httpd.xml file under the </instance> tag

6) Change the first line of your pasted section to
<instance name="TestServer" active="true" root="www/instance/httest" index="index.html">
Also change the listening port about 10 lines under the instance tag.
<listen port="8421" interface="*ALL" backlog="256"
Also make sure to change any required values which require changing insde your pasted section.

7) Save the httpd.xml and restart the AXESJSM using the ENDSBS AXESJSM *immed command, followed by STRSBS AXEJSM/AXESJSM command