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31 Aug 2019, 00:45
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Topic: 5250 Login screen displayed
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5250 Login screen displayed

Version 4.11

When a login fails the 5250 login page is being displayed. Is this a bug?
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02 Aug 2019, 01:00
Forum: "How do I do this"
Topic: Initial Load
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Initial Load

I have a customer who is experiencing slow response during the initial sign on to the Axes session.

Are there any settings that can be reviewed to improve the speed of the initial sign on to the Axes session?
24 May 2019, 01:58
Forum: "How do I do this"
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We have a display file with 1 long field "split" into multiple entry fields using the CNTFLD and WRDWRAP keywords. Axes is treating the field as one input field and not respecting the WRDWRAP. Any suggestions? https...
08 Jan 2019, 02:35
Forum: "How do I do this"
Topic: Transparent pop up window
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Transparent pop up window

5250 pop up windows are transparent so the screen behind is visible. I have tried a few things to correct this with no success
04 Jan 2019, 01:00
Forum: "How do I do this"
Topic: _AX_ONCE_ in AutoGUI+
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Re: _AX_ONCE_ in AutoGUI+

Any work around for this? We would like to maintain the TOP BAR formatting in customized screens.
13 Dec 2018, 00:58
Forum: Tips & Techniques
Topic: High Availibility
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High Availibility

Question: How do we replicate replicating aXes to secondary systems so the product will be available in case of role swaps or fail overs. Answer: If you are wanting to do a HA, you are required to install the same version of aXes on the secondary machine and get licenses for this. Then you can mirro...